Useful Websites & Books

Useful Websites & Books

Websites & books for Health, Herbal Medicine & Herb Safety. The big wide web of the internet is a both an infinite treasure of info and a dangerous minefield all at once! But hopefully this little guide helps 🙂

Herb Safety Websites

Herbal Medicine and Nutrition are vast areas and of course there are cautions to take heed. For more info on Herb/Nutrient safety & current research, there are a couple of websites I’ve listed below. However, a few things to mention here:

It is recommended that if you have a chronic/serious health condition, that you seek professional advice from a qualified herbalist. Please see the section on ‘Herb Safety’ for further reading on the safe use of herbs

Herb-Nutrient-Drug Interactions?

Herb-Drug interactions are a hot topic right now, with so many people taking both pharmaceuticals and herbs, it is more important than ever to stay clued-up. 

This is a new area of research and new our understanding of interactions is ever-evolving. Do your own research and be open with your GP/herbalist about what nutritional supplements/herbs/drugs you are taking.

Websites? There are a few websites out there which are starting to collate info on herb safety and possible herb-drug interactions, however not all are particularly accurate and some have most certainly not been written by anyone with credible herbal knowledge – some of the supposed cautions/interactions listed are often speculative, verging on ridiculous!(WebMD comes to mind!) Look at a few different sources (don’t just rely on 1 website) Healthnotes (see below) is a great starting point for interactions/general herb safety.


Healthnotes from Aisle 7. This is one of the more comprehensive websites:

RX List: you can search by drug/supplement