Vive la France!

A Commitment to Tackling Food Waste – Felicitations France

France has just made it illegal for Supermarkets to waste food – a bold step and solid action. England & other countries should take a leaf out of France’s book! Considering the vast amounts that are simply dumped into landfills each day, it is about time something definite was done. Sometimes introducing legislation is the only way that large organisations will change. At least now it is compulsory to put unsold food to good use – food banks, charities, compost, animal feed or energy. Makes perfect sense. Food Waste is a real crime when you consider how many people are going hungry and also the huge amount of natural resources that go into producing food. I hope other countries follow suit in a commitment to creating a more sustainable world. Remember, change also starts in the home and collective individual efforts add up to big changes… so be aware of food waste in your own kitchen. Start small, find out what simple things can you can do to reduce waste? Check out some of these links, as well my website resources section on ‘Environmental Health’ where there are links to low-impact living.

Love Food Hate Waste Reducing Food Waste…

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