Howdie Again!

RHS Rosemoor

Howdie Again!

Well I haven’t written an actual blog on here for while! It seems the budding world of social media has somewhat taken over my virtual duties & this poor neglected website has taken a backseat 🙁 To be fair I’m (surprisingly!) enjoying the the good side of Instagram/FB, sharing little snippets of info & pics… However, it does have it’s limitations & doesn’t really allow you to delve into a topic in any real depth. So… back into it & I really would like to reserve this as a space to share info on different projects & ideas – related to Permaculture, Organic Growing/Gardening, Medicinal Herbs etc…

I’ve also since moved across the border from Cornwall to Devon.. to study Horticulture at the stunning RHS Rosemoor (pic above) so I’m looking forward to growing my green fingers & sharing some tips into the coming year & beyond

Plus, behind the scenes, I’ve working my toosh off trying to set up an online shop to compliment my market stalls… a range of teas/herbs – naturally organic whenever possible. It’s all in the making – so do keep posted! Cheers X

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