Howdie Again! Well I haven’t written an actual blog on here for while! It seems the budding world of social media has somewhat taken over my virtual duties & this poor neglected website has taken a backseat 🙁 To be fair I’m (surprisingly!) enjoying the the good side of Instagram/FB, sharing little snippets of info & pics… However, it does have it’s limitations & doesn’t really allow you to delve[…] A little clip above from the ‘Soil Association’. I’d been meaning to write this for the last week, not only because we’re soon at the end of ‘Organic September’ but also spurred on after reading some sombre facts from from one of our favoured Brit naturalist/TV presenter Chris Packham (from Countryfile) In summary he says that we’re in the midst of an ecological apocalypse, where numbers of certain birds[…]

Today, according to the radio, it is ‘National Encouragement Day’. A day for everything, so it seems… Ideal for this eve’s blog anyhow. Several weeks back I paid Boscastle Witches Museum to visit. Some outlandish curiosities!! A nod to ‘witches’ gone by. A window into the magical natural world but also into the struggles and tragedies that average cottage garden herbalists of the past would have endured. Coming back to[…]

Wake up it’s a beautiful morning… the sun shining for your eyes… With classic Boo Radleys blaring out this Sunday morn, I thought this would be a perfect time to check back in. I know, it’s been a while! You see, the winds of change have whipped up something new. Something of a sea-change for me and I’m now happy to call beautiful Cornwall home… Yes that’s the land of[…]

Short but sweet… Google Doodle’s 2018 Earth Day clip featuring a message from conservationist & activist, Dr Jane Goodall 🙂 Yes… today, the 22nd of April is the official ‘Earth Day’ … so join one of the billion or so people in 193 countries around the world & take a moment to ponder on how you can do your bit, however small it is. Check out the official website for[…]

Here’s a little preview of an inspirational documentary based on the renown herbalist, author and avid traveller, the late ‘Juliette de Bairacli Levy’. A pioneer for veterinary herbal medicine and a woman who lived her life with wonderful simplicity, always with nature at her side. This touching documentary (by fellow herbalist and film-maker Tish Streeten) takes you on a journey through a fascinating life. A real character – a lover[…]

So this surely has to be a lucky omen for 2018?! Now over the last year I’ve shared many a breakfast with these beautiful creatures, but actually capturing the little Hummingbird on camera is another thing! Zipping around at high speed as they do, I’m never quite on the mark (especially as I’m not at my sharpest in the morning). A moment of serendipity this time put everything in place[…]

Yesterday, the supermoon (apparently the super blue blood moon!?) resembling a big ball of fire rose in the dark night sky. Whatever you call it – sure was beautiful to watch. Appropriate, as today is also St Brigid’s Day (the Celtic Goddess of Fire) and ‘Imbolc’, the ancient Celtic festival marking the end of the deep winter and the arrival of Spring and lightness. Druids, Celts and Pagans all celebrated[…]

Resolution #1 in 2018  Plastic-Free? Really… The idealist in me would love to say YES. But the realist in me knows that as it stands right now, there is no such thing as a ‘plastic-free’ lifestyle because we are literally swimming in the stuff… but what about beginning with a ‘low plastic lifestyle?’ Now as I’ve said before, I’m no angel here! I too have fallen into the plastic trap[…]

Or not… I think finally our love affair with plastic may be coming to an end… As always in life, the end of a toxic relationship always heralds better days 🙂 My #1 pledge this year: to explore ways in which to reduce my personal plastic consumption. Bye Bye Plastic I call it ‘Our Plastic Problem’ because it is not big corporations that hold all the blame, but you and[…]