This photo was taken a couple of years back in the summer of 2015, during my time as a volunteer with WWOOF (& no it has nothing to do with dogs! Stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). The reason for me sharing this pic & writing this post is that a few days ago I stumbled upon an article which I’d kept from 2 years ago, the very[…]

Deep in the Devon Countryside… On this idyllic little patch of land lives Herbalist/Horticulturist Anne Robins, who has created an expansive Garden and Medicinal Plant/Food Crop Nursery on what was once a barren agricultural field (as well as seeing the occasional patient for consultations- though the plants are keeping her more than busy!) I was lucky enough to have some time volunteering here as a WWOOFer (that’s a volunteer with[…]