Mid-August to mid-September spells Elderberry season, so let the harvest begin! Elderberry syrup is a fantastic anti-viral medicine for the Cold and Flu viruses and of course Elderberries grow everywhere in the UK so it is essentially free (well minus the labour costs of picking and preparing of course but this is worth it!)  Considering that this syrup sells for £10+ a pop (for a 200ml bottle),  it makes econonmical[…]

Santa’s Sack of Tips (a mixed-bag) Lately I’ve been doing the very un-nutritionist thing of eating/drinking/enjoying myself far too much (well… I’ve never claimed to be a total purist!) So now is the time to think about making amends – in the new year anyway. Thy body is thy temple right? Well here are some tips to nurture and care for body and mind at this year’s end, coming into[…]

Winter Goodness… Ahh Chicken Soup. I do love a good chicken soup. Cartons/tins just don’t cut it. If made with love, it is a fantastic nutrient boost to help keep you on top form this winter. Much more than a comfort food, it could really be classed as medicine… Soup as Medicine? Yes, scientific studies prove that good old fashioned chicken soup helps to reduce the symptoms of colds and[…]

Queen of Immune Herbs In the current age of ‘Antibiotic Resistance’, Herbal Medicines are becoming increasingly important. Why? Well.. pharmaceutical antibiotics are isolated chemicals, so bacteria and viruses can quickly learn to outwit them. This is the meaning of ‘Antibiotic Resistance’, where antibiotics are failing to treat stubborn infections. Partly because they are being over-used for minor infections when they are not really needed. Antibiotics do have an important place[…]