Resolution #1 in 2018  Plastic-Free? Really… The idealist in me would love to say YES. But the realist in me knows that as it stands right now, there is no such thing as a ‘plastic-free’ lifestyle because we are literally swimming in the stuff… but what about beginning with a ‘low plastic lifestyle?’ Now as I’ve said before, I’m no angel here! I too have fallen into the plastic trap[…]

Damage to our ecosystems in the pursuit of profit is unacceptable. I’m a big believer in Nurturing Nature… Not only does it have obvious benefits for the environment but it actually has many benefits for us. It’s simple, if we look after the earth, the earth will look after us. A Wave of Change… Luckily I’m not alone in this sentiment: something is stirring and sweeping across the world &[…]

Deep in the Devon Countryside… On this idyllic little patch of land lives Herbalist/Horticulturist Anne Robins, who has created an expansive Garden and Medicinal Plant/Food Crop Nursery on what was once a barren agricultural field (as well as seeing the occasional patient for consultations- though the plants are keeping her more than busy!) I was lucky enough to have some time volunteering here as a WWOOFer (that’s a volunteer with[…]

From Little things Big things Grow… Today’s blog is all about POSITIVE SOLUTIONS. Yes.. on the whole our world is full of environmental toxins, our food supply is largely contaminated and ethically unsound, chronic diseases are on the rise, conservation issues are endless and so on….. BUT WHAT NEXT?? What are we actually going to do about it on a personal/community level and will it even make any difference? OK… admittedly,[…]

A Commitment to Tackling Food Waste – Felicitations France France has just made it illegal for Supermarkets to waste food – a bold step and solid action. England & other countries should take a leaf out of France’s book! Considering the vast amounts that are simply dumped into landfills each day, it is about time something definite was done. Sometimes introducing legislation is the only way that large organisations will[…]

A little window into the inspirational ‘Offshoots’ – Burnley Permaculture Project located in the beautiful Townley Hall in Lancashire. This place is a hidden gem, in a fairly deprived part of the UK. I last saw it in the middle of winter – as you can see it’s literally ‘springing’ to life now. Aah I just love this time of year. So what is Offshoots all about? ”Encouraging People to[…]