A Musing on Autumn… Seasons are rolling on and here in the Northern Hemisphere we’re well into Autumn and Winter will soon be upon us. Just the other day I caught myself wishing time away, hankering after summer again and dreading the colder weather and darker nights. But alas, the old glass half empty/full debate.. I had to remind myself that when I was living in Sydney, despite the lovely sunshine[…]

The Spring Equinox – all about celebrating life and new beginnings. Today is actually extra special- it is a combination of the Spring Equinox, the Supermoon and a Solar Eclipse – a rare 3 in 1 event! The Solar Eclipse: associated with black magic, negative energy and an increased ability of ghosts to interfere with humanity! The Supermoon: apparently charged emotions and events coming to a climax. Well I don’t[…]