Part 2: The Health Benefits of the Humble Hip… Vitamins Aplenty High in Vitamin C and a great source of Beta Carotene (plant based vitamin A). Also contain the B vitamins and vitamin k. Rose hips also contain bioflavonoids, tannins, organic acids and pectin. In China rosehips have long been used medicinally, where they are known as jin ying zi – they are used to increase ‘kidney qi’ which in[…]

Chestnuts – Castanea spp Go on a country walk this autumn and you’ll likely come across these prickly delicacies. This little lane just down the road from me is littered with these golden brown seasonal nuts. If I had a store house I’d probably have enough for the entire winter! Sadly, being in a houseshare, squirrelling away stocks isn’t really an option this year… I’ll spare my housemates the inconvenience[…]

A Musing on Autumn… Seasons are rolling on and here in the Northern Hemisphere we’re well into Autumn and Winter will soon be upon us. Just the other day I caught myself wishing time away, hankering after summer again and dreading the colder weather and darker nights. But alas, the old glass half empty/full debate.. I had to remind myself that when I was living in Sydney, despite the lovely sunshine[…]

First things First…. Always Address the Underlying Cause This is going back to Naturopathic philosophy. It is important to get to the underlying cause of your depression/anxiety. Relying on a herb/supplement for life is not really getting to the roots of it all. They may be helpful for intermittent use to help you through the toughest moments, but diet/lifestyle/stress management/therapy should be the focus. There are some exceptions to this,[…]

Winter Goodness… Ahh Chicken Soup. I do love a good chicken soup. Cartons/tins just don’t cut it. If made with love, it is a fantastic nutrient boost to help keep you on top form this winter. Much more than a comfort food, it could really be classed as medicine… Soup as Medicine? Yes, scientific studies prove that good old fashioned chicken soup helps to reduce the symptoms of colds and[…]

Cold mornings are upon us and what better a way to start the day than with a warming bowl of a traditional favourite & nutritional powerhouse: porridge. Speaking of nutrition… Health Benefits of the Humble Oat…  Rich in Beta Glucans These immune stimulating substances help to keep those winter bugs at bay. Beta glucans stimulate the production of white blood cells- our ‘soldiers’ protecting us against invasion of bacteria/viruses. Full[…]