Royal Mile Market Back in Edinburgh again! Oh I love this city… This time, I took a peek inside Royal Mile Market in the old town. I’ve walked past this many a time before without venturing in… thinking it would be the same old plastic tat. But what a nice surprise it turned out to be. Sadly, I’m still a few days away from payday so it was a window-shopping[…]

Now politics in the UK has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, however I wanted to share something good. Now I initially wrote this post on ‘microbeads’ last year, but I’m re-posting it in the new website because in July, the UK government passed a bill that ensures that rinseable cosmetics containing microbeads will be off the shelves by summer 2018 – including those that claim[…]

Today I’ve had a fair few customers come into the shop today wanting advice on Natural Skincare… So I thought I’d introduce a few tips on the subject. Did you know that your skin is the LARGEST organ in the body? (between 1.5 and 2 square meters total surface area!) and it absorbs whatever you put on it regardless of whether it is toxic or beneficial – so the quality[…]