Queen of Immune Herbs In the current age of ‘Antibiotic Resistance’, Herbal Medicines are becoming increasingly important. Why? Well.. pharmaceutical antibiotics are isolated chemicals, so bacteria and viruses can quickly learn to outwit them. This is the meaning of ‘Antibiotic Resistance’, where antibiotics are failing to treat stubborn infections. Partly because they are being over-used for minor infections when they are not really needed. Antibiotics do have an important place[…]

Cold mornings are upon us and what better a way to start the day than with a warming bowl of a traditional favourite & nutritional powerhouse: porridge. Speaking of nutrition… Health Benefits of the Humble Oat…  Rich in Beta Glucans These immune stimulating substances help to keep those winter bugs at bay. Beta glucans stimulate the production of white blood cells- our ‘soldiers’ protecting us against invasion of bacteria/viruses. Full[…]