First things First…. Always Address the Underlying Cause This is going back to Naturopathic philosophy. It is important to get to the underlying cause of your depression/anxiety. Relying on a herb/supplement for life is not really getting to the roots of it all. They may be helpful for intermittent use to help you through the toughest moments, but diet/lifestyle/stress management/therapy should be the focus. There are some exceptions to this,[…]

January Blues? This month’s herb is in fact a summertime plant, however it has it’s greatest value right now in the dark winter months. In fact St John’s Wort has been described as akin to a ray of sunshine- absorbing all the summer sunshine & then helping to bring light back into our lives on these dark grey days 🙂 Just the colour alone is enough to cheer you up,[…]

Tonight I’m sipping on a winter favourite – ‘Mulled Hibiscus’ which I’d like to share with you all. Kinda like a mulled wine but teetotal… or not… you could add a shot of red wine & brandy if you really wanted I guess! Hibiscus Tea Origins Hibiscus grows naturally in many tropical/sub tropical parts of the world. I remember gardens being full of them when I was living in Sydney.[…]

Hanging out with the Marshmallows in Julie’s garden – hiding amongst the plants is usually where you’d find me these last few weeks – loving it! BTW Marshmallow sweets were originally made from these very flowers- sadly no longer! So I’ve spent the last week with a lovely herbalist in Dorset and learnt so much in a short time. Julie is a kind and deeply intuitive soul- qualities which carry[…]