Today’s post is all about the BITTER… OK not the emo bitter kind – the therapeutic kind 😉 Yes there is such a thing, in herbal terms anyway. This post was actually inspired when I passed a little shop/cocktail bar in Manhattan specializing in Bitters only (photo above) tucked away in this urban jungle! So without further ado, here is a little intro into this well known class of herbal[…]

Following on from my last ‘Detox’ post… as promised here is a little intro into some useful ‘Medicinal Herbs’ for cleansing. Though Detox January has passed us by, don’t make excuses now 😉 it is never too late. In fact, coming into spring, this is one of the best times to plan for a ‘Spring Clean’. Though I have provided some info here, I highly recommend visiting a Naturopath or[…]

Post Christmas – after the recent weeks of festive indulgence, this is the ideal time to start the year with a clean slate! This month the word DETOX has been flying around with all sorts of versions and claims. But really, what is a detox (Naturopathically speaking)?? To answer that, I’ve done a 2-part blog on the subject. This one is an overview, with a focus on foods. Part 2[…]