Urban Farm – Community – Education In the days leading up to a sombre September anniversary in NYC, the spotlight in today’s blog is focused on a heart-warming story of community in this mother of all cities. Oh & in case you are wondering: NO this has nothing to do with Gordon Ramsey! I too did question when I first read about it, esp as it is food related… But[…]

Damage to our ecosystems in the pursuit of profit is unacceptable. I’m a big believer in Nurturing Nature… Not only does it have obvious benefits for the environment but it actually has many benefits for us. It’s simple, if we look after the earth, the earth will look after us. A Wave of Change… Luckily I’m not alone in this sentiment: something is stirring and sweeping across the world &[…]

A little window into the inspirational ‘Offshoots’ – Burnley Permaculture Project located in the beautiful Townley Hall in Lancashire. This place is a hidden gem, in a fairly deprived part of the UK. I last saw it in the middle of winter – as you can see it’s literally ‘springing’ to life now. Aah I just love this time of year. So what is Offshoots all about? ”Encouraging People to[…]