Today’s blog is all about inflammation and the natural management of…  It’s a bit of a vague term, but inflammation lies at the root of EVERY chronic health condition and many acute illnesses/injuries, so it is really useful to know how to manage it. Though inflammation does have a role in the body (it is a normal process and essential), if excessive or prolonged it can be problematic. Health Conditions[…]

Well they do to Herbalists Anyway! ‘Nettle’ comes from the Scandinavian word ‘noedl’ (needle) What comes to mind? Pesky weed, prolific, painful… yes all fair descriptions being the nations most maligned weed! BUT they are also so much more and I’m on a mission to get more people to love them. OK the most glamorous or exotic of herbs it may not be – perhaps why I’ve overcompensated a tad in[…]