First things First…. Always Address the Underlying Cause This is going back to Naturopathic philosophy. It is important to get to the underlying cause of your depression/anxiety. Relying on a herb/supplement for life is not really getting to the roots of it all. They may be helpful for intermittent use to help you through the toughest moments, but diet/lifestyle/stress management/therapy should be the focus. There are some exceptions to this,[…]

The Workshop, Gardens, Davina and Puffin the Resident Jack Russell Davina Wynne-Jones is the owner of ‘Herbs for Healing’, a Medicinal Herb Garden and Nursery in the Cotswolds Village of Barnsley, Gloucestershire. Having spent 2 weeks volunteering here, I can truly say it is a magical place and well worth a visit if you are interested in the medicinal properties of plants. It is a part of the NGS (National[…]

Today I’ve had a fair few customers come into the shop today wanting advice on Natural Skincare… So I thought I’d introduce a few tips on the subject. Did you know that your skin is the LARGEST organ in the body? (between 1.5 and 2 square meters total surface area!) and it absorbs whatever you put on it regardless of whether it is toxic or beneficial – so the quality[…]

Here are 3 ‘All Natural Bath Salt Recipes’ to make bath time akin to a spa ritual… Home made Bath Salts are so easy to make (and cheaper than pre-made). It’s not just about pampering – the minerals, oils and herbs in them are absorbed into your skin for therapeutic benefits, so make sure you add a large handful to each bath have a good soak for a good half[…]