A few weeks back I came across this documentary on Youtube called ”Taking Roots” by a Kenyan woman called Wangari Maathai. It’s a long one – over an hour in length, but please stick with it to the end because her story is an incredible and heartwarming one of activism, bravery and most of all hope. It’s also a glimpse into Kenyan history and the era of colonialism. I just[…]

From Little things Big things Grow… Today’s blog is all about POSITIVE SOLUTIONS. Yes.. on the whole our world is full of environmental toxins, our food supply is largely contaminated and ethically unsound, chronic diseases are on the rise, conservation issues are endless and so on….. BUT WHAT NEXT?? What are we actually going to do about it on a personal/community level and will it even make any difference? OK… admittedly,[…]