”She Thinks Globally, Acts Locally” Thanks for coming back for part 2 of the Wangari Maathai story! ‘Thinks globally – acts locally’ is a quote from her place on the Nobel Peace Prize website & it speaks a thousand words…  In this blog I’ve focused on environmental/political activism and the formation of ‘The Greenbelt Movement’. Humanity: A Shift in Consciousness “In the course of history, there comes a time when[…]

A few weeks back I came across this documentary on Youtube called ”Taking Roots” by a Kenyan woman called Wangari Maathai. It’s a long one – over an hour in length, but please stick with it to the end because her story is an incredible and heartwarming one of activism, bravery and most of all hope. It’s also a glimpse into Kenyan history and the era of colonialism. I just[…]

Mid-August to mid-September spells Elderberry season, so let the harvest begin! Elderberry syrup is a fantastic anti-viral medicine for the Cold and Flu viruses and of course Elderberries grow everywhere in the UK so it is essentially free (well minus the labour costs of picking and preparing of course but this is worth it!)  Considering that this syrup sells for £10+ a pop (for a 200ml bottle),  it makes econonmical[…]

Thanks to my studies & various jobs in Natural Health over the years, I’ve learnt a lot about the health/ethical/environmental issues surrounding the cosmetic industry. Deception is rife – the industry is a minefield full of false claims, toxic ingredients, environmentally damaging ingredients/packaging/practices and unethical business dealings – all cloaked in nice packaging and clever marketing whitewash (or even ‘greenwash’ sometimes). Even the so called ‘Natural’ is often far removed[…]

First things First…. Always Address the Underlying Cause This is going back to Naturopathic philosophy. It is important to get to the underlying cause of your depression/anxiety. Relying on a herb/supplement for life is not really getting to the roots of it all. They may be helpful for intermittent use to help you through the toughest moments, but diet/lifestyle/stress management/therapy should be the focus. There are some exceptions to this,[…]

Finally Part 3 of the ‘Holistic Mental Health’ blogs. Tomorrow I will post Part 4.  I have focused here diet, herbs and supplements, rather than the Psychological/other therapy aspects as this is beyond my scope of practice! However please do your own research into these areas. For now, back onto Nutrition… Nutrition and Mental Health When you understand that your cells, including your brain cells and neurotransmitters are made out[…]

Mental ‘Dis-ease’ Now I know this is a long series of blogs but I make no apologies because this warrants a real write-up! What I would like to promote is the better treatment of mental health disorders, this is not so surprising considering I have studied both Psychology and Natural Therapies – so for me this blog is a marriage made in heaven 😉 Read it over a few days[…]

Some Thoughts on Mental Health Management Now we are coming toward the end of ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ and I’ve decided to focus on the big 2: Depression and Anxiety. For ease of reading I’ve broken it up into separate posts (it is a big topic so it doesn’t deserve less!) Today, lets start with the foundations. What Does mental ‘health’ mean? How do Naturopaths treat mental health issues? My[…]

The above is a snap I took of a local newspaper article I read earlier today… which nearly made me choke on my lunch! This is an all too common a story in the media when it comes to natural health reportage: vague unsubstantiated comments, relaying results from poorly conducted clinical trials or offering no useful comparisons to provide some perspective… How does the average consumer have a chance of[…]

Check out this you tube documentary from 2012  ‘We Become Silent – The Last Days of Health Freedom’ produced by international award winning film maker Kevin P. Miller and narrated by Dame Judi Dench. It really gives you an idea of the ongoing battles that the Natural Health Industry is facing: Please support Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Choice- our basic human rights. The ANH (Alliance for Natural Health)[…]