In the age of legal ramifications etc… I have to add the following ground rules:

Please note that all the information provided on this website/blog is for general information/entertainment purposes only and it does not replace the need for an individual one to one consultation with a healthcare professional (such as a Herbalist, Naturopath or Nutritionist).

Some of the information I provide is based on traditional/clinical evidence and has not been fully scientifically validated.

I make no claims of ‘cure’ for diseases or health conditions. My only goal is to share information on the various therapeutic options available.

Be aware of possible drug-herb-nutrient interactions. It is up to you to inform your practitioner/doctor and do your own research too.

Always take extra cautions if you have an existing health condition, are taking any medications, are elderly/frail/pregnant/breastfeeding. Similarly, parents – take extra caution when treating infants or babies as treatments may need to be modified. Be aware of any contraindications/cautions and always seek advice if unsure.

Education is key! This does not mean you need to fear natural remedies, just read up and get clued up on those you wish to try.

Thank you đŸ™‚