Pineapple Sage Herbary

In a Nutshell...

Welcome to ‘Pineapple Sage Herbary’ : a mixed green bag of Herbal Tea, Natural Health, Herbalism, Permaculture, Foraging & Sustainable Gardening. If you live in the UK, do check out the online shop for a unique selection of hand-blended herbal teas.

Introducing myself: I’m Nadege, 1-woman-band behind the Hummingbird:  Teasmith, Naturopath and (amateur) Forager/Gardener/Herbal Medicine-Maker with a penchant for the wonders of the natural world. A lifelong student of mother nature I guess you could say. So I dabble in all of the above, take a heck of a lot of plant photos (annoyingly!) and write fair bit about them – something I do mainly for the love of it & also because I firmly believe that any useful info relating to the natural world is valuable & deserving of being shared – it’s our heritage. Simple!

Formalities - Qualifications

BSc Honours Degree in Psychology 2004

Adv Dip. Herbal Medicine & Naturopathic Nutrition

Current: RHS L2 in Horticulture

Some people like to know this… for reassurance I’m not completely talking ****! But to be honest, looking at this list, the closer I work to the land, to nature & the dirtier my hands get – the more valuable the lessons!

' Pineapple-Sage-Herbary '

Wondering about the name? Pineapple Sage (a gorgeous pineapple-scented plant in it’s own right) –– attracts Hummingbirds –– which coincidentally happen to be an ancient symbol of healing, vitality & regeneration in their native America…. I guess at the heart of all this fluffy stuff is my wish to preserve our connection to the natural world. Whilst I wouldn’t say I’m all that religious or a stereotypical ‘hippy’ – nature is my absolute religion! Yes – plants can totally save the world, given half a chance!!

Everything is interconnected & being a part of this delicate web, we should respect/protect/learn about & nurture our own little patch of this planet we call home. In return, the more we live in harmony with the nature, the healthier and happier we are – fact!  So many of the health challenges we face in the world today – both physical and mental, I think are partly due to an unhealthy environment and a disconnetion to nature (widespread use of pesticides, destruction of natural habitats, an over-supply of cheap lifeless foods, a lack of time spent in green spaces etc..) Leading on from that, I also firmly believe that a lot of what we need to heal lies right here in the natural world, if we take the time to learn.

Journeys: From little things...

A little piece of my history: from being the kid constantly running around barefoot outdoors, I’ve always been in awe of nature. My official dabbling in Natural Therapies began back in Australia (many moons ago) and I guess since than it’s been a process of natural evolution… or an organic process (pun intended) as I’m now studying Horticulture!

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Moving/Travelling has long been a feature which has shaped my views… from growing up in South Africa to living in the UK, moving to the Middle East then Australia & travelling to America, the Caribbean and everywhere in-between it seems (Through life circumstances & work might I add – I don’t come from money/live a life of luxury – far from!!) But finally it seems my drifting days are behind me & I may just be putting down roots… here in stunning Devon.

Onwards & Upwards...

But standing still! I’m definitely looking forward to living a more chilled existence –  less planes/trains/automobiles! Of course, I do count my blessings to have experienced such diversity (of cultures, traditions, landscapes, people, plants, foods and other natural wonders of our world) – they continue to be a source of inspiration to this day. In particular I have big respect for the various indiginous cultures I came across, who still have a strong connection to their natural environments. As well as the amazing herbalists and natural health practitioners I met on my travels.

Now that the pace has slowed, I’d love to take the time to share some gems of wisdom from the natural world, simple things which can be applied to our day to day lives – to help us feel better and live better. As individuals, families and communities.

I’m all about getting messy growing edible / medicinal plants and tinkering in the kitchen – food is medicine and medicine is food… it all starts at home & in your garden! Also in your village/town/city. After years working in sterile health food stores, I’d like to connect people to real plants – not packaged in plastic! You see, you needn’t buy expensive supplements to stay healthy and that’s the main point I want to put across. Good health is possible even on a tight budget. You also needn’t go to the far corners of this earth to find magic, for treasures lie in your very own backyards and even in the bog standard supermarket or public parks and countryside spaces… From growing your own food & medicines to foraging in wild spaces to cooking to DIY herbal medicine/cosmetic making & more:  self-sufficiency is gold.

So if nature, gardening, natural health & plants are your thing, connect via Instagram/Facebook and stay with me on this journey –  plans in this pipeline! If you live in the UK, I also sell a small range of quality herbs, hand-blended teas & such over on my shop, so do take a look. Your support means a lot! If nothing else, I hope you take away something of value from this website and that it plants some seeds of inspiration…

In Happiness & Health

 —- Nadege —-