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Hello & Welcome!

Naturopathic Health… but so Much More…

I’m Nadege – Naturopathic Health Advisor and general aficionado of all things natural/eco/green  🙂  ‘PINEAPPLE SAGE’ is my business/baby and the website is an ongoing, working progress… for a self-confessed technophobe !

Of course, as my main job, I offer Naturopathic Health consultations & workshops in Cornwall, UK (see under ‘Services’) but the website/blog/social media aspect is further reaching and something I do mainly for the love of it, partly due to the fact that I wholeheartedly believe in the healing power of nature and also because I feel that any information pertaining to the natural world is valuable and deserving of being shared. In turn, we can hopefully preserve this knowledge and better protect this amazing planet we call home…. Running the risk of sounding like a total hippy here – unashamedly! 


Mission (Not Impossible I hope)

is to….

  • Share the Plant Love! Introduce you (my clients & readers) to some of the natural wonders of this world, specifically in regards to medicinal plants and beneficial foods. I’d like to think I can encourage a re-connection to & a renewed trust in nature… This is nothing new, we humans have been doing this for a long long time. We’ve just forgotten a fair bit lately. I’d say it’s high time we get back to our roots 😉

  • Promote a more Integrative, Holistic Healthcare System – one that improves upon the existing ‘drug-only’ mindset. I can only dream of the day that hospitals start making better use of nutrition and offering herbal medicines/aromatherapy as viable treatment options. A medical system which is not solely governed by the pharmaceutical industry. Some countries are more advanced in this regard.

  • Protect our Environment – walk the walk, by [trying] to live a bit more consciously and sharing what I learn along the way. After all ‘health’ not only refers to personal health – but also to environmental health/planetary health as a whole – all is interwoven. It’s simple: you can’t have healthy people on an unhealthy planet. End of.

  • Positivity! Explore various ‘Community’ or ‘Eco’ projects & share a few inspiring initiatives in the realms of food growing, permaculture and herbal medicine. In the current climate, we could all do with a dose of hope. Small efforts add up to big changes and collectively we can make a difference.

Above all I’m just really happy to be able to share my journey with you via my blog. I’ve also added an additional section: ‘Resources and Links’ for more info, should you wish to dig deeper. So please do have a wander around.