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Welcome to ‘Pineapple Sage Herbary’: a mixed green bag of Naturopathy, Herbalism, Permaculture, Foraging, Herb Growing and Sustainable Living….

I’m Nadege (the 1-woman-band behind this) and though I offer Natural Health consultations, I also dabble in all of the above and write fair bit about them – something I do mainly for the love of it & also do because I firmly believe that any info relating to the natural world is valuable & deserving of being shared. I don’t profess to being a pro on all topics but… (running the risk of sounding like a total hippy… unashamedly!) the more we preserve this knowledge & inspire each other, the better we can safeguard our health & this amazing planet we call home… So if what your read here resonates, do take a look at the blog and follow me on FB/Instagram – your support means a lot

Mission (Not Impossible I hope)…

* Share the Plant Love! Introduce some of the natural wonders of the plant world – medicinal plants and foods. I’d like to encourage a re-connection to & a renewed trust in nature… This is nothing new, we humans have been doing this for a long long time. We’ve just forgotten a fair bit lately. I’d say it’s high time we get back to our roots 😉

* Speaking of… Root for a more Integrative, Holistic Healthcare System – one that improves upon the existing ‘drug-only’ mindset. I can only dream of the day that we start offering nutrition/herbal medicines/aromatherapy as standard treatment options. Choice would be nice

* Environment – walk the walk, by [trying] to live a bit more consciously. After all ‘health’ not only refers to personal health but also to planetary health as a whole – all is interwoven. It’s simple really: you can’t have healthy people on an unhealthy planet.

* Connections – – – Explore ‘Community/Eco’ projects & share a few inspiring initiatives in the realms of food growing, permaculture and herbal medicine. By ‘community’ I don’t just mean local, but also global connections for linking like-minded souls. In the current climate, regardless of geography – we could all do with sharing knowledge, along with a dose of positivity & hope.

Above all I’m just really happy to be able to share the journey here