Buying Herbs/Supplements

Where to buy Nutritional / Herbal Products?

First and foremost, I’m all for supporting local practitioners and small independent shops on the highstreet – so do support your local Farmers Harket and Health Food Store or Zero Waste Store. There are bound to be countless quality products from Herbalists, I can’t possibly list here – so look out for Herbalists in your area and check out what they have on offer. I’m an advocate of whole food/carefully sourced herbs with minimal packaging, as opposed to taking a dozen different supplements all packaged in unnecessary plastic. However there are cases when supplements can be helpful, so I have listed a few well-known brands here.

As far as big brands go, there are many! I always personally look for companies with a focus on quality raw ingredients – carefully sourced herbs with minimal/no added excipients (fillers, flavours, artificial sweeteners etc…) You are better off taking fewer doses of a quality brand than taking larger doses of a poor quality supplement. Another aspect to take into consideration is the ethics of the company you buy from.

Herbal & Nutrition Products (UK)

Ethical Consumer: This is not actually a shop but a guide. This Manchester-based company has done the hard work digging the dirt on some of the major brands out there in the retail realm. A good tool for anyone who wants to shop ethically. There is some free content but for full access it is a subscription website. Once you subscribe you’ll have the lowdown on the ethical backstory of most big companies within the UK. Makes for some interesting revelations!

Pineapple Sage Herbary Naturally I have to plug my own little tea shop first! (especially for residents in the South West!) I occasionally pop up at various markets in Devon/North Cornwall. Or for the online shop, click on the link above for a small but delish range of therapeutic-grade herbs and natural ingredients for DIY skincare – certified ORGANIC where possible! You’ll be supporting a small kitchen-run herb operation here in Devon 🙂 A commitment to eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging and sourcing from trusted suppliers only. Delivery within the UK. 

Neal’s Yard Remedies: This company started in Covent Garden but now has stores nationwide, regardless it has retained a lot of it’s ethical grounding. The skincare range can be a bit pricey but it is a beautiful treat and always good quality & rich in botanicals. Depending on the store, they sell a nice range of herbs and tinctures (rare for a highstreet shop). Another good point with Neal’s Yard Remedies is that they can blend Herbal Remedies according to what you want or based on a herbalist’s prescription.

Napier’s: This Scottish institution has it’s flagship store in Edinburgh, a true herbal gem. Some lovely herbal formulas, salves and such. If you live in/visit Edinburgh it is well worth a visit for an olde-worlde herbal experience.

Viridian Ethical, quality, no additives and a British Company. Capsules and some tinctures in glass bottles. They are a bit pricier than bog standard supplements but consistently good quality. Available in most health food stores.

Terra Nova American Company: OK so not British-owned by still one of my favourites: ethical, quality, no additives. The thing that sets Terra Nova apart is their use of freeze-dried plants in their formulas, which retains so much more of the medicinal and nutritional properties. Some great formulations with bioavailable vitamins/minerals. Like Viridian they use glass packaging which can be recycled. Available in most health food stores.

Cytoplan: Cytoplan is another British company which offers some really good formulas, with no added nasties at a reasonable price.

Biocare: Biocare nutritional products are designed and manufactured in the UK. They tend to be well formulated and are widely used by practitiones in the UK. Another pro to using Biocare is that many are WADA approved (if you are an athlete) Available in many health food stores.

Together Health: I really like this little company for a small range of basic nutritional supplements, with no additives/cheap fillers. Plus they have minimal packaging and are affordable. Available in some health food stores.

Organic Burst: A company specialising in quality ‘Superfood’ powders/tablets, such as Chlorella. Additive-free and tested for purity.

Fushi: This is a new kid on the block & actually has a really nice range of herbs/oils/natural products at very reasonable prices. I don’t know a huge amount about the company but it seems to have a good ethical policy (minimal plastic packaging) and does a range of Organic products.

Baldwin’s: London-based company which has been on the scene for a while. They certainly have a large range of herbs and products but not all are organic. I’ve had some great products from Baldwin’s but also some average.

Indigo Herbs: A large range of Herbs online, based in Glastonbury.

Vogel Originally developed by Swiss Naturopath Alfred Vogel, the company still continues to grow and manufacture herbal products. Widely available tinctures and creams. However I am not such a fan of the tablets which tend to contain lactose and other additives. Many health food stores stock this brand, though the tinctures are quite pricey for the amount (if you take tinctures regularly you may want to find a local Herbalist for a consultation and bespoke blending, after which you will be able to get better value tinctures on a repeat prescription). However these are always good for a back-up option.

Pukka Pukka was recently bought out by Unilever,  so unfortunately it has lost a lot of it’s former ethical cred… (poor rating on ‘Ethical Consumer’ due to it’s new parent company) however it still offers some quality supplements incorporating both herbs and nutrients. Available in many health food stores.

Hope this Helps!