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Some specific areas: Digestive Health, Mental Health, Women’s Health/Family Health, Cancer.


General Interest – Nutrition & Natural Health

Natural Therapy Pages A popular search page to find natural therapists in your area- plus other resources.

Therapy Directory Therapy Directory: find therapists in your area.

Holistic Community online resource which allows you to search for practitioners or clinics.

Institute of Optimum Nutrition has online short courses for anyone interested in nutrition. They also have a great blog and quarterly subscription magazine.

CNM: College of Naturopathic Medicine UK Has some short courses for interest. Also has a blog and lots of general info.

ANH – Alliance for Natural Health International An amazing organization fighting against the oppression of natural therapies – to ensure that we retain our rights to natural healthcare. Also highlights current affairs relating to natural health.

The Weston A Price Foundation A famous advocate of ‘real food’ and traditional preparation methods (grass fed dairy, fermented foods, soaked grains/nuts). Both the website and the book (Nourishing Traditions) are valuable resources.

Heal With Food Exactly as the name suggests ‘Heal with Foods’ is all about healing foods – more for general interest than in depth science but informative nonetheless!

GreenMedInfo founder Sayer Ji has created a fantastic resource on natural medicine. I love his herb research articles.

Chris Kresser– a Naturopathic Doctor in the US- good articles on various topics from the paleo diet to gut healing protocols (free E book on gut healing)

Doctor Murray Dr Michael Murray is a pioneer in the Nutritional field and this is his website which has lots of free resources.

Mercola  loads of information on various issues. Mercola has received some criticism but you can’t deny his website is a huge resource- it offers interesting perspectives on various issues from environmental to the many health related issues.

Underground Wellness hosted by Sean Croxton has some great Podcasts – covers a lot of ground (underground…) well worth a listen

The Health Home Economist Tips for Natural (and economical) living for better health. Based on Weston A Price principles..

Natural Health News Natural health, environmental health.

Natural Society Similar to the above

Worlds Healthiest Foods  – comprehensive database with a vast amount of free information on various foods.

FAIM: Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine Numerous articles on science, plants etc…

Dr Mark Hyman General health website with focus on functional nutrition  for recipes and health articles (Dr Hyman is a Functional Nutrition Doctor and the author of several books).

Wild Fermentation  A fantastic website on food fermenting- by Fermentation ‘guru’ Sandor Ellix Katz.

Veg Society  Great for vegetarians/those considering becoming vegetarian. Lots on info on shopping/cooking.

Marks Daily Apple Paleolithic diet guru – practices what he preaches!


Recipe Inspiration

This is a tough one… there is no shortage of good recipe websites – the internet is saturated with them. So this is just a few that I’ve stumbled across and happen to like:

Holistic Ingredient Lovely recipes- check them out- also has books for purchase

Nourished Kitchen Lovely recipes- based on Weston A Price Principles. ‘Gut Health’ recipes.

Honestly Healthy Food From the authors of the book ‘Honestly Healthy’

The Nourishing Gourmet Beautiful recipes and practical tips on food prep

The Healthy Chef Loads of recipes from this well known ‘healthy’ chef Teresa Cutter.

Amelia Freer – Amelia Freer, Nutritionist.

Gather Victoria Wild Foods and Hedgerow recipes

Wild Fermentation Website on food fermenting & loads of recipes! By Sandor Ellis Katz.

Nom Nom Paleo For Paleo Inspiration cooking without grains

Paleo Grubs More Paleo recipes

Meat-Free Mondays – For meat free Mondays!



What’s in Season?

Eat The Seasons Another great guide to what’s in season in the UK.

BBC Good Food Calendar

Big Barn Local Foods and farmers markets…

Local Food Britain Similar to the above

Weekly Veg Delivery Boxes… check out your local area for schemes, but the big nationwide ones are: Riverford Organic: and Abel and Cole: You can search for local schemes on the Soil Association Website:

Green Guide UK

Planet Organic

Ethical Superstore

Naturally Good Food

Goodness Direct

Wholefoods Online

Out of this World

Green Life

Real Foods UK

Red 23 Also sells things like water filters and household items

Compbio A great range of wholesale and retail products, good for items such as decomposable cling film, dog poo bags etc..


Organic Cosmetics

Any of the above online retailers will sell some organic skincare, but here are a few more…

Love Lula  An award winning online retailer supplying a vast range of natural & organic skincare, makeup and haircare

So Organic  Another good online retailer in the UK – stocks a wide range & delivered to you door.

Neal’s Yard Remedies One of my favourite Natural Skincare Ranges- always ticks the boxes of Certified Organic, Ethics, Environmental Policies, Quality and Attractiveness. They come in blue glass bottles to preserve the delicate plant compounds (the blue bottles are actually manufactured in England- a rarity these days!) Also stockists of essential oils and raw products to make your own.

Napiers Another favourite of mine. This Scottish Herbal institution have a nice skincare range and a large range of tinctures, essential oils, herbs and raw products too…

NHR Organic Oils Certified Organic Essential Oils – top quality. Brighton based company.

There are many other quality brands such as Dr hauschka, Weleda etc… Organic Beauty is a growing area, so scope out your local health food store for these and other local artisan brands, just beware the label ‘natural’ which is not always accurate, it might be 10% natural and 90% synthetic!

Digestive Health

Gut Health, Allergies, Intolerances. I’ve included this under a separate section as gut health is such a big part of Naturopathy.

SIBO Info Info about SIBO small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth.

Chris Kresser he has a free gut health E book.

GAPS The official GAPS diet website.

Weston A Price Lots of info on gut healing (bone broths, fermented foods etc…) Many of the new Gut Healing Protocols use Weston A Price as their inspiration.

Heal Your Gut The ‘Heal Your Gut Cookbook’ is lovely – but the website also has some resources and recipes.


IBS Solutions An online UK based clinic specializing in IBS and other gastrointestinal complaints.

Food Matters A valuable resource for anyone with allergies and intolerances.


Mental Health

Food For the Brain Patrick Holford is behind Food for the Brain– nutrition and mental health

Dr Perlmutter Dr Perlmutter is a neurologist (and author of some bestselling books). This blog makes for an insightful read- from an expert in the field.

Dr Kelly Brogan Kelly Brogan is at the forefront of Modern Psychiatry- from a Natural Health Perspective. She is pioneering for change- her website is well worth a visit and she has done a few talks which you can watch on YouTube.

Safe Harbour Safe Harbour is all about Integrative Mental Health. It has a great directory of practitioners around the world – you can search by country. Also has other resources such as a book list.

Women’s Brain Health Women’s Brain Health: interesting insight into Brain Health (from a Female Perspective- considering that most Mental Health Issues/Chronic Degenerative Diseases of the Brain affect women- more than men…)


Women’s Health, Fertility, Family

Zita West A good resource for all matters fertility from a well known Natural Fertility Guru –  also sells a line of quality supplements. However many Naturopaths also use a similar holistic approach when working with fertility issues so you don’t necessarily have to go to the Zita West Centre – just find a Naturopath practitioner who has experience in this area (a combination of nutritional therapy and herbs works best).

Lara Briden Healthy Hormone Blog Another expert in the area of women’s health.

Aviva Romm Aviva is a Herbalist who specializes in Woman’s Health. I have her practitioner textbook- she knows her stuff! The website/blog is also a great resource for anyone interested in Natural Health- from gynaecological issues to fertility.

Dona International All you need to know about Doulas (pregnancy and birthing support – naturally)

Billings Ovulation Method The Billings Method is a well known natural Contraceptive method. See the website for more info.

Going Off the Pill provides info on alternatives.

Hormones Matter  a great resource- not just for fertility but for all hormone related issues,  children’s health & more.

Wellness Mama Wellness Mama is a well known blog from Paleo and Natural Living Advocate known simply as ‘Katie’ Lots of tips/recipes for a light hearted, easy read. Has a section on motherhood.

Laleche all about breastfeeding. Whilst women should not be made to feel guilty if they are unable to or choose not to breastfeed, they should be given support and tips to help with any issues should they have problems  and wish to breastfeed, something this website is dedicated to! Because naturally breast milk is far superior to any formula whatever the advertisement claims.

Some Natural Therapists specialize in women’s/children’s health, so it is worth searching your locality.

Cancer Care

Cancer Active A must-read. Cancer Active is a cancer charity focused consumer education- provides up to date integrative oncology research in the field of natural health, information of support groups, book reviews etc.. An absolute must for anyone with cancer- I highly recommend this site.

The British Society for Integrative Oncology Check out their ‘Links’ page for further resources/info on cancer- including integrative oncology.

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre Has a good section on botanicals in cancer therapy.

Yes to Life Your Cancer Options.

The Truth About Cancer

Therographic Diagnostic Imaging (as an alternative to X-rays) see Also see for various articles on the subject