Naturopathy Consultations

Fluffy part aside – back to business. How can I help you personally? 

I practise as a Natural Health Practitioner at various clinics around Cornwall (UK not Canada !!)

  I trust you’ve had a look at the ‘Natural Health’ section on this website, which tells you all about Naturopathy and the various therapies involved but if you have any further questions, head over to the ‘Contact’ page, send me a message/email and I’ll do my best to get back to you asap.

Still interested in making a booking? Read on & I’ll take you through the general process for Naturopathy/Natural Health consultations, as it is a tad different to the standard 5 minute trip to the GP’s office!

1st Consultation

What to expect with your first Naturopathy Consult… Well to start with you will be sent an online health questionnaire to fill out. The questionnaire is quite in depth but it really helps to piece together the puzzle – so to speak. Ideally you can do this in advance so we have more time to talk when it comes to the actual consultation. Time wise, this 1st consult is usually about 1 – 1 and 1/2 hours. Seems a long time but believe me it is required!

In this session, we will go over your health history in detail, looking at all possible contributions to your symptoms. This can be anything from inflammatory processes to immune issues, underlying infections, endocrine imbalance, life events, nutrition, social/emotional health, toxic exposure etc..

After the initial consultation (or ideally before, if you have time) I will ask you to complete a food diary for 1-2 weeks, which I will analyse before your next visit. Functional laboratory tests are also commonly done to provide clarification, but these are optional. I will refer you to your GP for standard laboratory tests or to a trusted independent laboratory for functional tests. I also spend a lot of time doing at-home research for each of my clients.

Note// there are also occasions when acute symptom relief is all that you want (a common cold or minor skin irritation for example) and you don’t require an in-depth health history. In this case a quick drop in consult of half an hour is adequate. For occasional one off complaints, this may be fine, but for most conditions I always recommend a full consult. This is because even seemingly basic conditions, such as eczema can be quite complex and a single half hour session is nowhere near enough time to get to the roots of most conditions. Simply treating symptoms alone would be going against Naturopathic philosophy, as it simply ‘patching it up’- rather than actually restoring health.


A second consultation will be required 2 weeks later, lasting around 30-45 minutes. Subsequent consultations will continue (usually every 4-6 weeks) until your health improves. It all depends on your individual case and the nature of the issue. Maintaining regular communication with my clients means that I am able to monitor progress and provide ongoing support.

Regular communication is also important because your treatment may need to be modified over time. If, after several months you are happy with your progress and just want a repeat prescription without a consult – this can be arranged over the phone.

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 Consultation Prices

* Initial Consultation: 1 hour. Cost is £60 for adults or £40 for children (under 16). This includes handouts and at-home research on my part.

* Follow up: 30-45 mins: £40 or £30 for children.

* Phone/Skype Consults can be arranged in some cases (for existing clients only). This is an exception rather than the rule as I prefer to see my clients in person. The cost is £15 per 15 minutes on the phone.

* Optional Private Laboratory testing comes at an extra cost- this will be discussed during the consultation.

* The Cost of Nutritional Products depends on the Brand’s recommended retail price (this varies) but as I said, I will try to work with your budget in mind.

* For Herbal preparations, I may formulate an individual blend and post it to you. A guide price is under £10 per week for medicines based on 100ml of tincture (though if you buy in larger quantities you will save money). Or, if this is not possible, I can prescribe a pre-blended herbal mix from a trusted supplier, which you may order online or purchase in a health food store.

* Please Note* If you are unable to make an appointment- I ask that you inform me 24 hours in advance, otherwise I may have to charge a cancellation fee of £15 (to cover the cost of room rental). Please be courteous – this is also so that other clients are able to benefit from this appointment slot rather than the time be wasted. Thanks!


Long term commitment to change and accountability is required – this is a prerequisite! It is a process of working together, rather than simply relying on your natural health practitioner to ‘fix you’. The whole point of Naturopathy is to help you to better manage your own health as much as is possible. So, while consults are done regularly at the beginning, they are gradually phased out as your health improves. The ultimate aim is for you not to come back! Meant in the nicest possible way 😉 Of course if you ever have any struggles or if new issues should arise – you can always return for some additional support at any time.

Lastly, it is also important to understand that the fruits of your labour can take time to become apparent. Changes will not always happen immediately and you may have hiccups along the way, especially if it is a complicated or long standing condition. But persevere, be patient and it will pay off. Naturopathic treatment is a process – a journey (and not an overnight one!)

My Scope of Practice

I have to say that I make no claims to ‘cure’ disease. My goal is to simply *try* to increase overall health and resistance over the long run and also to provide additional short term support as & when required. Naturopaths do not diagnose disease, for this you will need to go to your GP and I will refer you to them for relevant tests, should I think it necessary. Most Natural Health Practitioners will gladly work alongside your GP /specialist to devise the best treatment options for you.

Your safety is of utmost importance and I always check for any herb-drug interactions, consulting with your GP if necessary.


Finally, I realize that affordability is an issue for many, so I always work with your budget when devising a treatment plan – without compromising on quality. When it comes to supplements, I do have my favourites. There are some fantastic quality brands out there, however do I realise that they may not be accessible to everyone due to budget constraints. However where there is a will there is a way and there are always ways of keeping costs down. For example using whole foods/raw herbs is naturally cheaper, so I’ll work with you to find the best fit.

* My clients are all entitled to discounted supplements, should I recommend any.

Thank you!