Massage Therapy

Holistic Massage

Living in Cornwall and in need of a therapeutic massage? Choose between deep tissue or relaxation and I will tailor your treatment using herbal infused oils (organic where possible), essential oils, aromatherapy inhalations and other plant extracts (see below). You’ll also get a handout to take-away, with some tips on self-care for the musculoskeletal system – from a holistic perspective naturally!

Plant Power!

The benefits of massage can be amplified by using plants in the treatment. To increase the therapeutic effects, I use a range of herbal oils/ointments/creams/poultices/essential oils, tailored to your particular requirements and constitution. These preparations can be beneficial for a number of complaints: from acne to oily/dry/mature skin, muscle tension, cellulite, varicose veins, poor circulation, aching joints, sprains/strains, neuralgia, stress & anxiety etc etc…

Plants can be powerful when applied topically in this manner. Your skin absorbs much of what you put on it and this is just another way of getting those beneficial plant chemicals into your body, where they can get to work! Aromatherapy (the use of essential oils), as I’ve already mentioned, has additional benefits when inhaled, especially when it comes to the nervous system or for their anti-microbial effects on the respiratory system (useful when you have a cold/chest infection). Remember the old-school trick of head over a bowl of Olbas Oil & hot water?!


Holistic Herbal Massage

30 minutes back, neck, shoulders: £30
1 hour: £40 (usually back, neck, shoulders & either arms or legs. For a full body massage 1 ½ hours is required)
1 ½ hours full body (back, neck, shoulders, arms & legs): £55

* Includes use of botanical extracts and essential oils *

Please Note* If you are unable to make an appointment- I ask that you inform me 24 hours in advance, otherwise I may have to charge a cancellation fee of up to £15 (to cover the cost of room rental). Please be courteous – this is also so that other clients are able to benefit from this appointment slot rather than the time be wasted.