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On my last work trip to NY I took a trip across the river to Brooklyn. Total contrast to the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan. Here you’ll find wide leafy streets, beautiful old houses (from the yesteryear where the wealthy of Manhattan used to spend vacations), art, indie, lots of ‘green’ projects around, independent shops, some fantastic organic/health food stores and last but not least… I found a beautiful herbal shop (see below). Not in the slightest bit stuffy, Brooklyn feels down to earth and lived in – a place full of spirit & substance… not just one for show. As much as I love Manhattan, here you really get a strong sense of community.

Sacred Vibes: A Brooklyn Herbal Success Story

Naturally I was thrilled to come across a Herbal Apothecary called ‘Sacred Vibes’, being the avid herb tourist that I’ve now become! From the outside, the shop draws you in – inviting you to come inside, explore the treasures. Inside the walls are lined with tinctures and teas – all handcrafted and made in-store I have to add.

I never met Karen Rose, the founder… however I did meet a lovely shop assistant & fellow herbalist (apologies I’ve had a blank on her name! But she was so lovely & generous with her time). She told me a little about the shop and talked me through a few of the remedies on offer, I could have stayed all day to chat but thought it best to leave her work!

Apparently Sacred Vibes has a strong place in the local community and it often runs workshops and classes, with the aim of introducing herbal medicine to a wider audience, making it more accessible to people who have perhaps never visited a herbalist before. Workshops like these also connect people in the area, providing a much needed support network during times of need. In fact, this excerpt from the website says it beautifully:

” Community is integral to healing. We cannot heal alone or in a vacuum”

Sacred vibes has also paired up with several community growing gardens to create medicinal herb patches – supporting healing at the grassroots level – literally! This is a lovely concept because it connects people to the actual plants, something that can be forgotten when buying herbs in convenient glass bottles or packaging. Aside from the actual medicinal benefits of plants, just spending time in nature is a healing process in itself.

So visit Sacred Vibes if you are a fellow herb aficionado & happen to be in the Brooklyn area 🙂 It’s a welcoming sanctuary and the staff are all trained in herbal medicine to give you some stellar advice. Besides, just entering the store is an experience in itself, reminiscent of an old fashioned apothecary with walls of curious jars & remedies.

My purchase? The liquid herbal bitters, which I love! I still it have 2 months later, as being a bitter, the dropper doses required are so small – making it good value for money. BTW… for more info on bitters take a look at an earlier blog here: Now what’s to be Bitter About???





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