A Tribute to ‘Incredible Edible Todmorden’

I spent the last 9 months in this now famous little town in the Hills of Lancashire, recently moving away for a new life ‘down south’. Little in size it may be, but little in spirit it is not. Before I move on, I would love to share the story of Todmorden with you. Though I decided it wasn’t the place I would call home in the long run, living there for this short time has inspired me in so many ways and I’ll always be grateful of the experience.

You see, Todmorden in the birthplace of the ‘Incredible Edible’ movement, which some of you may already be familiar with. Incredible Edible is basically about reviving community growing and creating free, organic food for more sustainable towns and a more sustainable future. And incredible it is! Since it’s humble beginnings (the scheme was started by Tod residents Pam Warhurst and Mary Clear back in 2007), the Incredible Edible movement now has 100+ groups in towns all over the UK and has spread globally to Australia, New Zealand, France, the USA, Canada and more (this is growing all the time). I believe this global trend is taking off because more and more people want change: a more localized food supply– for health & local economy; connected & self sustainable communities; a cleaner environment and a more secure future for generations to come. Put simply: they care. Magic happens when people connect and share.

Can you imagine if every town/city had orchards, salad greens & other vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs– for residents to collect for FREE or a small fee? Well this is not just possible- it’s thriving. Read more on the respective websites below. Todmorden also has an education centre: a working community farm and an Aqua-garden, as well as many other initiatives.


Incredible Edible Todmorden http://www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk/

Incredible Edible Network – to find a group near you (or perhaps start one up in your town!) http://incredibleediblenetwork.org.uk/

So thank you Incredible Edible… for opening my eyes to a whole new way of living. And for showing the world that ‘idealistic dreams’ of a better world can become a reality. For the sceptics out there who think that minorities can’t make a difference – this is what can come from good idea, good intent, ACTION, hard work, perseverance and working together 🙂

& Thank you Todmorden! I won’t forget you…




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