Nurture Nature

Damage to our ecosystems in the pursuit of profit is unacceptable. I’m a big believer in Nurturing Nature… Not only does it have obvious benefits for the environment but it actually has many benefits for us. It’s simple, if we look after the earth, the earth will look after us.

A Wave of Change…

Luckily I’m not alone in this sentiment: something is stirring and sweeping across the world & there is a growing trend towards a more sustainable way of living, one in harmony with nature.

Efforts big and small are driving this. We are hearing many heart-warming tales from around the world about individuals/small groups/large organisations, who in various ways are pioneering a more sustainable world. For example the regeneration of wild areas: local hedgerows being restored and polluted steams slowly being repopulated by fish thanks to clean-up efforts. Forest Schools are on the up, educating children on wildlife and plants. There is also an increase in community growing projects & sustainable towns. Similarly, more and more people embracing home growing & providing wildlife gardens. Not to forget the resurgence of Organic Farming, Permaculture, Urban Vertical Growing etc… All of these collectively = a more Sustainable Future. Despite all the destruction and greed in this world, there is still a great deal of hope thanks to people/initiatives like these. So we should support them! It starts with you and me… be the change you want to see.

Where the Wild things Grow

I also feel that by reconnecting with the land and taking care of it, we are connecting to something much bigger- something deeper. For me it is not just about health and ethical values but also about spirituality, creating a deep respect for the natural world. There is a lot we can learn about ourselves and the world by observing the intricate details, patterns and cycles of nature. The biggest revelations come from the littlest things sometimes 🙂

A bunch of Inspiring initiatives

Sustain Alliance for better food and farming.

Incredible Edible An inspiring story of guerilla food growing – a movement which started in the little Lancashire town of Todmorden & is now spreading across the world (in a good way!)

Transition Towns Sustainable towns of the Future. What started off as a ‘trial’ (in 2 towns across the UK: Totnes, England and Kinsale, Ireland) has now spread to over 1100 towns in 43 countries! Projects across the world that you can get

Permaculture Magazine Amazing permaculture resource. If you subscribe to the magazine (under £15 a year) you get back access to issues from the last 25 yrs.

Guerilla Gardening

Herbalists Without Borders A collective of Herbalists, Researchers, Environmentalists/Conservationists who are coming together on a number of exciting projects around the world. If you have relevant skills you can get involved & help them in their quest to improve global access to herbal medicines and a sustainable food supply for communities in need.





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