Good Morning Cornwall

Wake up it’s a beautiful morning… the sun shining for your eyes… With classic Boo Radleys blaring out this Sunday morn, I thought this would be a perfect time to check back in. I know, it’s been a while! You see, the winds of change have whipped up something new. Something of a sea-change for me and I’m now happy to call beautiful Cornwall home… Yes that’s the land of pirates, Celts, magic & Merlin… oh and ‘Poldark’, the latter I have yet to watch!

Really excited about exploring this coastal haven and meeting some new plant friends along the way – unique to this little corner of England 🙂 With it’s Celtic history, sandy dunes, windswept cliffs, rich oceans and unique sub-tropical microclimate (thanks to the Gulf Stream bringing a whisper of warm Caribbean air) there is bound to be discoveries aplenty. Just about a month in now and I’m head over heels in love with this place already and for the first time since moving back from Australia, I feel this may be somewhere I could put down roots… shock horror! Or at least for a few years…. So whilst I may have left my gypsy travelling life behind – I still have sandy beaches to keep the inner mermaid in me happy. Look forward to sharing this new chapter with you, uncovering some botanical treasures along the way of course!

Until next time & in true Cornish style:

Goodbye Flower!

(Well I figured that was preferrable to ‘my handsome’ or ‘loverrrrr’ both of which I’ve been referred to as this month! Thought I was oh so special until I leant that they apply to everyone and anyone. Getting into the local lingo first and foremost)

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