Juliette de Bairacli Levy

Here’s a little preview of an inspirational documentary based on the renown herbalist, author and avid traveller, the late ‘Juliette de Bairacli Levy’. A pioneer for veterinary herbal medicine and a woman who lived her life with wonderful simplicity, always with nature at her side. This touching documentary (by fellow herbalist and film-maker Tish Streeten) takes you on a journey through a fascinating life. A real character – a lover of adventure and a self-professed gypsy soul. From her Manchester origins, Juliette travelled through England, Europe, Greece, Turkey and North Africa… to name a few, gathering gems of herbal folklore and setting them down in writing. Her books are still prized today for the valuable information they contain, especially in the area of veterinary herbs. She lived to 96 by the way… probably a testament to those herbs, especially her beloved Rosemary ‘Dew of the Sea’!

Should you wish to rent/purchase the full version you can access it via Tish Streeten’s website:


Or alternatively, it is included in the FMTV subscription channel or ‘Food Matters TV’. Yes you have to pay a monthly fee similar to Netflix, however for this you get unlimited access to thousands of health & wellbeing documentaries. Highly recommend.



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