Celtic Celebrations – Imbolc

Yesterday, the supermoon (apparently the super blue blood moon!?) resembling a big ball of fire rose in the dark night sky. Whatever you call it – sure was beautiful to watch. Appropriate, as today is also St Brigid’s Day (the Celtic Goddess of Fire) and ‘Imbolc’, the ancient Celtic festival marking the end of the deep winter and the arrival of Spring and lightness. Druids, Celts and Pagans all celebrated (and continue to celebrate) this spiritual day, as the first snowdrops appear and the northern hemisphere slowly wakes up from it’s slumber. St Brigid is said to help you transition from darkness to light. Literally, physically and emotionally. She is also said to protect us from harm. Oh and btw she is known as the Fertility Goddess so do take extra care unless of course that’s what you wish for, in which case seize the moment 😉

Light a candle

Traditionally, fires are lit and candles burnt to celebrate the return of the warmth in all the senses. Tonight, I’m sure there will be candles aplenty in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall and other pockets of the UK with strong Celtic roots. As there will be in the old Celtic regions of Europe, such as Brittany in France. Even in modern times, it’s nice to keep old traditions, for there is often real wisdom and purpose in them. Take a look at how it’s done in this little Irish village


Now I’m no serious practising Pagan but I simply love the symbolism & spirituality of Celtic Rituals and the deep connection they always have to nature. Celebrating the seasons is a beautiful ritual to have and one which I try to appreciate in some small way of my own – so tonight, as you can see above, my little candle is burning bright for Imbolc and Saint Brigid! Pure beeswax and essential oils of course. Even if you don’t wish to have a full on Celtic celebration (wearing white & going on an Irish jolly from house to house!) join in by simply lighting a candle over the next few nights…. a symbol of the coming sun and good times ahead this year.

Spring in Your Step

Put the spring back in your step by having a traditional spring clean – in your home, body and mind, as Imbolc is also about purification and gaining momentum after a long winter of stagnation. In all senses. Traditionally you have a big feast to break the winter, followed by a time of cleansing. You see, ‘detox’ really is nothing new and humans have been doing it for thousands of years! Spring greens on the menu. Oh and a positive outlook for the year ahead is a must… Leave the negative behind. What habits do you want to let go of? What do you want to achieve? Let’s get moving with our plans and resolutions – no more procrastination and hiding under the duvet pls! (note to self). Time to step out of the cold dark and into the light.

Happy Imbolc



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