A little piece of Hand-Made Edinburgh

Royal Mile Market

Back in Edinburgh again! Oh I love this city… This time, I took a peek inside Royal Mile Market in the old town. I’ve walked past this many a time before without venturing in… thinking it would be the same old plastic tat. But what a nice surprise it turned out to be. Sadly, I’m still a few days away from payday so it was a window-shopping only experience in the name of research, but make no mistake, I’ll be back!


On ‘Royal Mile High Street’ in old Edinburgh, this little market resides inside the historic ‘Old Tron’ church built in 1647. Inside the feeling is magical – stained glass windows let the light filter through and stall holders sell a variety of unique artisan products from Jewlery to cosmetics to clothes. A big Celtic theme too, which I love. Prices? Very reasonable considering the quality!

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co.

My favourite of course was the ‘Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company’. Totally lost track of time here sampling all the delicious goods on offer (I actually could have eaten a few based on smell alone). My colleague had to drag me away but I managed to have a natter with the lovely assistant and she talked me through a few of the best sellers… from the rich whipped facial creams to the solid hand bars to delicate baby balms. The packaging is beautiful and eco-friendly, which is always a bonus… but we all know it’s what’s inside that really counts! The range does not disappoint in this regard: all handmade, the base ingredients of the moisturisers/bars are simple but effective: organic virgin Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Beeswax and various blends of essential oils. NO artificial preservatives/colourings/fragrances/other artificial nasties and NOT tested on animals. Made in Scotland too, in the beautiful East Lothian countryside. As I said, for the quality you get, the price is amazing. You pay much more for much less when it comes to commercial skincare in the average chemist.

Can’t get to Edinburgh in person? Worry not, they have an online shop and ship products near and far! See below:


Support Small Businesses this Festive Season

Residents & visitors alike, check this little piece of Edinburgh out next time you’re in the old town – a perfect place to do a spot of Christmas shopping (apologies – I can’t believe I just said the ‘C’ word in October! Just for those of you who are organised enough to start your festive shopping early, I thought I may as well provide some pointers…) Or if nothing else this winter, a visit to ‘Royal Mile Market’ makes for a welcome escape from the cold and hustle of the high street, somewhere to soak up a bit of history and appreciate some Scottish craftsmanship. I personally would rather my money goes towards individuals/small businesses who produce unique and top quality products, rather than to the retail giants of this world. Think of the big picture – support small! Also be sure to scope out your local markets for similar enterprises 🙂


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